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MAFS 2019: Ines Basic Charged With Drink Driving

Ines Basic from the latest season of Married At First Sight introduced herself Australia on the reality show as a legal assistant, but it turns out that this time she’s the one on the wrong side of the law.

It’s been revealed that the 28-year-old, who has quickly earned herself the title of this season’s resident villain (or the Davina of the series if you will), has allegedly been charged with drink driving.

Ines reportedly attended Cleveland Magistrates Court in Brisbane on Tuesday where she faced multiple charges, including a mid-range drink driving offence, driving without due care, being a public nuisance and contravening direction or requirement of police officer.

The case was adjourned and is set to reconvene on March 5.

The charges allegedly stem fro an incident that took place on Christmas Day last year.

The exact details of the incident are unknown, however, a person must have a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.10 per cent but under 0.15 per cent to be charged with mid-range drink driving. The legal BAC limit is to be under 0.05.

Under Queensland law, mid-range drink driving offences can carry a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and/or a 20 penalty unit fine for someone without any prior offences.

A Channel Nine spokesperson has since told Daily Mail that they will not be commenting on the incident as it is a private matter.

“This is a private matter of Ines’s which we understand is currently before the courts and we will not be commenting further.”

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I wanted to go to Gucci, why am I here Bronson? #MAFS

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Ines made her explosive first appearance on Married At First Sight this week during her wedding to ex-stripper and entrepreneur Bronson Norrish.

She caused a stir online due to her rather rude and outspoken behaviour, with her first words to her new husband after she walked down the aisle being a request for him to remove his eyebrow ring.

“Can we get ride of your eyebrow ring please?” she asked before even telling him her name. She added that the ring would look better on a “lesbian who works at McDonald’s.”

When asked during a piece to camera how she was feeling before walking down the aisle, Ines replied that she was “horny” and that after first seeing her husband her first instinct was to “punch him in the jaw”.

Last night, Australia saw Ines lose her temper once again during her honeymoon with Bronson, telling him to “shut the f*ck up” while they were headed out on a boat to go parasailing.

It’s safe to say that viewers have not been the biggest fan of the brunette so far.

Married At First Sight Continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine

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