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Meghan Markle Has Now Deleted ALL Her Social Media Accounts

It seems to become a Royal, along with some pretty wild perks, there are also a few rules...

Meghan Markle has officially thrown in the social media game, deleting both her twitter and instagram accounts. The move happened shortly following her second royal engagement with hubby-to-be, Prince Harry, which involved them visiting a youth radio station, Reprezent, in Brixton.

Both the verified Twitter and Instagram accounts for Meghan disappeared this morning, nine months after she made the decision to shut down her lifestyle website, The Tig.


Can’t wait to see what these two do next, but since her socials are gone, we’re going to have to wait for reports… dammit!

UNLESS, we can crack the code. You see, apparently Prince Harry has a ’secret’ instagram account, and used it to follow his then girlfriend Meghan when they weren’t out in the open.


BRB, cyber stalking.

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