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Mother Of Twins’ Instagram Post Is So Relatable

Mothers. You’ve all been there.

Sleepless nights when your child(ren) will just not go the (BEEEP) to sleep. When you’ve tried everything and the Mum guilt rolls in, because you start doing things you swore you’d never do.

For new mum Kate, this is her life. Times two.

Kate’s twin boys, Teddy and Arthur, are four month old, bouncing baby boys and up to your typical, four month old stuff.

According to their Mum, “making friends, rolling over, talking, eating hands, being outside and not sleeping are a few of their favourite things.”

In the most relatable post ever, Kate took to instagram to share her experience – while other mother’s sighed in collective relief.

“It just took me 5 hours to get these boys to go to sleep,” she wrote. “This was taken after two hours when I was already bloody over it. I did some things tonight that I never thought I would do: drive for an hour to try and get them to sleep #didntwork, let them cry it out #didntwork, yell at them to "stop using your eyeballs" 🙈


Pretty standard things you would think. However, what the Mum shares next, truly resonates.

“I find that pretty much every day I do something I once judged other mums for. Before I became a mum I really had absolutely no idea just how tough it can be (and I'm only four months in!) despite how abundant your love is for them... in all honesty no one can judge a mum more than she probably judges herself. #mumguiltisreal #gotheftosleep.

"I dropped more f-bombs at them than an NWA album," Kate told 973FM. "I pretty much cried the whole time they were crying too, but you don't want people to think you're losing it too badly."

There you have it other mother’s out there. Mum guilt is the real deal. And you too probably have it!

Kate, we salute you!

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