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Mrs Doubtfire's Makeup Actually Took Forever To Do Every Day

Contrary to how it may have looked, transforming Robin Williams into Mrs Doubtfire every day during filming was actually an extremely intricate, involved and labour intensive job.

Robin Williams dead at 63; the world mourns

Makeup artist Ve Neill is renowned for her work on Pirates of the Caribbean and The Hunger Games - she was also behind the artistry of appying the mask for Mrs Doubtfire, and Buzzfeed reports it actually took four and a half hours every day to apply the makeup.

Robin Williams had Parkinson's disease

All the wrinkles and blemishes had to be painted on and molded every day.

Koko the Gorilla mourns the loss of Robin Williams

According to Buzzfeed, even after sitting in the makeup chair for four and a half hours daily, Robin Williams still kept his sense of humour.

Mrs Doubtfire was named the 67th funniest film of the 20th century.


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