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MTV Australia under fire for racist tweet During Awards Show

MTV Australia has come under fire for an offensive tweet that poked fun at Latina actors Eva Longoria and America Ferrera during the Golden Globes live telecast.

"Where are the English subtitles? We have no idea what @AmericaFerrera and @EvaLongoria are saying #GoldenGlobes," MTV Australia tweeted.

The tweet came after Ferrera and Longoria joked about how many people confused Latina celebrities.

But it prompted hostile reaction on social media, including from Ella Ceron, whose bio describes her as digital entertainment editor at teenvogue. "I would call you out on this @MTVAUSTRALIA but as I'm Latina, you might not understand what I'm typing here," she tweeted.

"P.s. America and Eva were *born in* the US so they don't have foreign accents, people trying to explain away this joke!"

Other social media users also took MTV to task.

"Casual racism. Who would think this is funny? Seriously! It is and you are offensive!" posted SJ Drummond-Minne.

"I don't see how making fun of someone's accent is a joke," added @andluevano.

MTV Australia responded by apologising. "Our Tweet was in reference to @EvaLongoria & @AmericaFerreras #GoldenGlobes joke. We sincerely apologise for causing offence.

"We get it was a bad call. We'll leave the humour to @rickygervais."


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