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One Of Our Fav Pitch Perfect Actors Is Joining Will & Grace

Fans of Will & Grace and Pitch Perfect, we have some excellent news. 

Ben Platt is joining the cast to play a toy boy love interest of Will in the next episode, titled "Who's Your Daddy?". 

Long time fans will remember an episode way back when where both Jack and Will aspired to find a rich older gentleman to be their sugar daddy and it has recently dawned on the pair that now they are old enough to find toy boys of their own. 

And considering it's Ben Platt, we're seriously hoping for a good musical number or two!


In the episode, Karen is also seen attempting to give Jack 'scrotox' - we'll leave that one up to your imagination. 

Warning: Some explicit language can be heard in the below video snippet. 

And don't worry - you'll still get your fair share of Grace in the new episode. 

In fact, after umpteen years the interior designer finally has the realisation and admits to Karen that she no longer needs her as an assistant.


Bring on Friday! 

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