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One Of Our Reality Favs Is Entering The Jungle To Stir Drama

Well, well, well... Look what we have here.

A guarantee on drama in tonight's episode that's what.

Not only will we see the first contestant eliminated, but they will be replaced by the one and only Bachelor villain... Keira Maguire!

As she intro's herself to the world on the I'm A Celeb Facebook page, she's already promising to mix up a few relationships.

The one we can't wait to see the most?

The jungle romance between Ash Pollard and Kris.

Looks like Ash just ran into some competition... and we think the emotions and hormones could lead to some interesting camp situations!

“I definitely think that I will clash with Ash,” she told News.com.au.

“If I get bored, I do tend to be a little bit ... I like to prod a bit. That is just my sense of humour when I get a bit bored and restless. I just want to stir sh*t up.”

She's also concerned with how the contestants will warm to her - considering they've already built solid relationships.

Especially because she's been keenly watching the show up until now.

“I am a little bit concerned obviously because they have built relationships with each other and they haven’t been eating properly for a couple of weeks now," she said.

"I am going to come in filled with energy, feeling all fresh and they are just going to be hating on me.

"I would, I’d be like ‘who is this b***h coming in to the jungle looking like that?”

We're also interested to see how the high maintenance Keira will hold up in the jungle - no makeup, no professional hair team, no fake tan...

Keira also opened up about the plastic surgery she has undergone since appearing on The Bachelor.

“I’ve had Botox three times and I’ve had my lips done three and a half times,” she told the news outlet.

“If someone doesn’t like it that is their opinion.

"I personally want to look the best me and I think I look great.

"I’m actually getting my boobs done. Let’s just say you might not notice them, I am not going to get (massive) bazookas.”

😂😂😂😂😂 This is everything...

A photo posted by Keira Maguire 👸🏼 (@keiramaguire) on

Either way, we are predicting DRAMA! DRAMA! DRAMA!

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