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A Bachelorette Favourite Is Tipped To Be The Next Bachelor

A rumour has come to light surrounding the Bachelorette series and the fact that one of the boys left in the running for Sophie’s heart is tipped to be the next Bachelor.


In a supremely Matty J move, one of the boys, presumably the one who is the runner-up for Sophie Monk’s heart, will be the NEXT Bachelor.

While it’s all rumours at this stage, there’s also a chance it could be Luke, who was surprisingly eliminated just last week, after being one of the favourites slated to win Soph’s heart.


Just like Matty J, Luke is the one the women of Australia are swooning over, scratching their heads wondering how Soph could have let that one get away…

Other potentials could be high flyer Stu Laundy, Magician Apollo, or even ‘villain’ Sam!

Oh boy, we can’t WAIT to see how this plays out…

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