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Oscar Losers Are Getting The WEIRDEST Gift Ever

Even though everyone says it's an honour just to be nominated, it's more than likely going to sting a little for the stars that will miss out on Sunday night's Academy Awards.

But that doesn't mean that the pipped-to-the-post actors, directors, producers and general Hollywood geniuses aren't going away empty-handed; anyone who has been nominated for an award gets a goodie bag packed to the brim with products, holidays and vouchers worth more than a year's rent.

According to Yahoo, though, there's one surprising addition to this year's consolation packs: a vagina fitness tracker.


The Elvie helps you keep up-to-date with your Kegel exercises, apparently, and is all the rage at the moment; once inserted, the tracker emits a Bluetooth signal that connects to an app on your phone so that women "can visualise their pelvic floor or kegel exercises in real-time."

You can grab your own Elvie here, by the way, just in case you feel knowing that you and Meryl Streep* have something in common.

*We're sorry for predicting that Meryl won't win the Oscar this year. We're happy to be proven wrong.

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