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Pamela Anderson Uploaded Bizarre Lingerie Video To Mourn Hef

News of Hugh Hefner’s passing yesterday has shocked everyone.

The 91-year-old meant a lot to so many people, and left his mark on the world in ways that others will never be able to achieve.

One of his longtime friends, Pamela Anderson, took to instagram to upload a heartfelt tribute, and her words were incredible.

“I am me because of you You taught me everything important about freedom and respect. Outside of my family You were the most important person in my life,” she wrote.

“…You said the magazine was about a girl like me. That I embody the spirit you fantasized about. I was the one. You said.”

“… You were a gentleman charming, elegant, chivalrous And so much fun. Goodbye Hef ... Your Pamela 💋”

But what accompanied the words, was a bizarre video of Pamela, in her bed in Paris, weeping.

After rubbing her mascara-stained eyes, she then panned the camera downwards, towards her feet, where you could see her body laying on the bed in lingerie.

It was kind of a... different take on a tribute, and not really in theme with the message… a message of heartbreak and honour.

She then whispers to the camera, ‘Goodbye Hef’.

But hey, it IS Pammy we’re dealing with here, so maybe it's spot on, and a cheeky boob shot, like Hef would have wanted.

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