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People Feel Uncomfortable About Hugh Grant’s Halloween Costu

Hugh Grant has done so many things right over the years, but he’s also done a lot of things wrong, too.

We won’t mention a certain incident in Los Angeles with a lady of the night, but we will bring up his Halloween costume at Unicef’s Halloween Ball In London recently - because he decided to bust out a lion onesie - and no-one really knows why.


Not only ill-fitting, the onesie is more pyjamas than a costume - without a face or any lion-like characteristics, besides a big, very manufactured-looking ‘mane.’


The most offensive part? Grant chose to team the onesie, which cuts off at his ankles, with sneakers - and to be quite frank, comes off looking like a 50-something year old man with not a clue how to dress, or dress up!

Poor Hugh, someone get that man a stylist!

Source: Mashable

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