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Real Housewives At WAR! Victoria Rees Calls Police On Lisa

Since The Real Housewives of Sydney hit our screens we have all become ADDICTED!

Why? Well probably because the cat fights and sometimes superficial drama that ensue when all seven women get into the same room is probably the BEST trashy TV we have ever seen.

But it seems that one argument between Lisa Oldfield and Victoria Rees has gone just a tad too far after Rees made a complaint to local police last week about Oldfield.

It's been reported that police are now investigating the reality star after she was accused of bullying her co-stars 13-year-old son online in a post that the show's producers later forced her to delete.

This whole debacle started after Victoria Rees's teenage son asked Lisa Oldfield to leave his mum alone on the show, following a heated moment when Oldfield publicly attacked Rees, calling her "a f***ing nobody".

The quick-witted reality personality apparently replied with a claim that his mother had not been taking care of him properly because she has 30 cocktails a night.

Awkward much...

Oldfield has since defended her comments saying that she was just responding to the nasty remarks that the 13-year-old had made first.

"He called me jealous and a loser. I think it is appalling that he would speak to an adult in that way," she said.

The controversial reality star also added, "I don't go around picking on children. I actually thought my response was quite measured and I signed off with a kiss."

A spokeswoman from NSW police has stated that the issue was reported early on April 3 but no charges have been laid.

Foxtel has also chimed in saying that they have spoken to both women about the incident and "about being responsible and respectful on social media."

But that doesn't mean we've heard the last of this story!

The housewives are not known for letting issues go very easily and they certainly don't tend to steer clear of confrontation, so we're sure that we'll see a follow up argument occur on-air soon.

Stay tuned!

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