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Riverdale Has Been Officially Renewed For A Third Season

Riverdale super fans can rejoice in the fact that the CW’s hit drama show has been renewed for a third season!

The show which follows a series of dark mysteries that surround the town of Riverdale mixed with the usual teenage high school dramas of Betty, Archie, Jughead and Veronica has become one of the Network’s top rating shows after airing two seasons on live TV and the streaming service Netflix.

The first season of Riverdale began based off the Archie Comics series and followed the murder of one of Riverdale High’s students, Jason Blossom. The second season delved into uncovering the infamous Black Hood killer who was running rampant through town and since then, the show has confronted various topics including drugs, hierarchy within the town, and sexuality.

CW confirmed the news of a third season of the hit show on twitter.

Season two is still playing out on Netflix and there has been no word yet as to when we can expect to see Season three. But over the weekend during a convention appearance in Paris, several cast members hinted at Riverdale’s renewal, making reference to returning to filming in July.

The only thing that we really hope for Season 3 is that Netlix stops putting massive breaks in between each darn episode! We want that stuff week by week please!

Oh and also are we ever going to address the very fishy reveal of the Black Hood? Nothing that messy can really end the way that it did tied up in a neat little bow…We’ll leave it with you CW.

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