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Ryan From The Bachelorette Has Unleashed On Channel Ten

Only two episodes have gone to air so far, but already straight-talking Ryan Jones has been identified as the ‘villain’ of the series.


He’s the one who sat Sophie down and semi-interrogated her, making sure she was there for the right reasons.

He came off to the wider audience - and Sophie - as a bit aggressive and over the top, BUT not as badly as some other Bachelor contestants have looked, or so we thought.


Bizarrely, Ryan took to Facebook to rant about Channel Ten, and it’s production team for ‘chopping and screwing everything and anything for your ratings’ and accuses them of being in ‘financial trouble.’


‘We all know that you’re in financial trouble but it’s a shame that you think so little of someone’s wellbeing that you’re prepared to throw them under a bus and watch them suffer.’

He also refers to the show as ’TV and not real life’.

The comments against Channel Ten and The Bachelorette franchise no doubt breach an agreement Ryan made with the network, however, perhaps he has the right to vent his frustration.

Though, given the past few seasons of the show, would you volunteer to appear on it, and be aggressive without assuming you could be pegged as the villain?

It seems pretty obvious… doesn’t it?

I think its safe to say Ryan doesn’t win Sophie’s heart.

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