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Selena Gomez Has Saved A Distressed Fan In Need

Selena Gomez reached out to a suicidal fan on Sunday after the individual posted a suicide note online.

With help from her fans, who alerted Gomez to the woman’s message, the star followed the individual on Instagram and left an inspiring comment.

The singer’s attention was first drawn to the suicidal woman, who runs a Selena Gomez fan account, after a number of caring social media users found her suicide note online and tagged Gomez in the comments.

In the allegedly graphic post, the individual explained how she planned to end her life the next morning.

Gomez, the driving force behind Netflix’s controversial suicide drama “13 Reasons Why,” privately messaged the fan on Instagram after reading her note.

In an encouraging message, she said, “I don’t care if you love or hate me, suicide is never the answer.If you need someone to talk to, please dm me – you are loved by your family and friends, trust me. I love you.”

The individual, who has now been hospitalised, later said on social media that she has since received professional help and appears to be safe, reports The Blast.

This isn’t the first time the singer-actress has saved and comforted a suicidal fan.

In 2015, when the star noticed that an online admirer seemed to be going through a difficult time, Gomez reached out to the potentially suicidal fan by sharing an encouraging message on her own Instagram account.

She wrote, “By me following you is not me saying it’s ok to think these thoughts. It’s not me saying ‘hey you said sad things, so I’m going to follow you to make you feel better.’ God puts us in situations that are so unexplainably difficult for a reason.” Gomez added, “Before you think of taking your life, think of all the lives you could save. I love you.”


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