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Selena Gomez’s Heartbreaking AMAs Speech Will Break You

It’s been a while since Selena Gomez has been seen out.

Her battle with lupus has resulted in panic attacks and anxiety, and it saw her cancel her remaining concerts for the year.

Her fans were disappointed, but more than anything, they wanted their hero to be okay.

She hasn’t posted on her Instagram account for 13 weeks, and the fact that she was laying low and reportedly checked into rehab made us all feel okay.

However, when she stepped out at the American Music Awards, it took everyone by surprise. She then took out the award for Favourite Female Artist Pop/Rock and delivered a speech that moved everyone to tears.

She described how for a long time she told herself ‘she was okay’, even though she knew deep down she wasn’t.

She also spoke about the fact that she thinks her fans are the most loyal she’s ever seen, and that she doesn’t know whats he did to deserve them.


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