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Seven Year Switch's Jackie Reveals Surprising Birth

Seven Year Switch's Jackie has again shown what a strong woman she is. Not only is she capable of putting up with fiancee Tim, she's revealed the birth of her first son Chadwick, was done without any painkillers. Ouch!

Jackie shared her decision on Instagram to opt for a water birth. She said she wanted to have 'a really natural birth with no intervention.' 

Jackie and Tim welcomed little Chadwick Wolfe into the world fours weeks ago, but when Jackie's waters broke late one Sunday night, the couple feared they might not make it to the hospital.

'We thought we had plenty of time being my first, however I was having one minute intense contractions one minutes apart.' she wrote. 

'Worst thirty minute car ride ever - holding in a head,' she continued. 


Thankfully the reality stars made it to the Gold Coast Uni Hospital just in time where Jackie says she received lots of support. She feared she might have to get a caesarean had they been any later.  

'I have a major phobia of surgery, hospitals, blood tests, drips, etc. I'd never actually been to hospital until giving birth' she revealed. 

'It really took a lot of determination to have the birth I wanted, there were definitely moments where I doubted myself and could have been easily influenced by others,' she continued. 


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