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'Shy' Woman Who Went On Date With Cody Simpson Is Back!

When Cody Simpson landed in Australia, women everywhere swooned, well - I know I certainly did.

And so did one of the flight attendants on Simpson's Virgin flight from The Gold Coast to Sydney.

Constance Siaflas is said to have been on a date with the teen singer after hosting him on a flight and made the decision to lock off her social media accounts promptly after. (Have you sen the wrath of fan girls?!)

Me and my new friend Cody

A photo posted by Constance Siaflas (@constance.sydney) on

However, the hiatus didn't last long, with Siaflas apparently having a change of heart and opening up her social media accounts just yesterday. She began posting provocative images of herself posing in a bikini, that a source tells us has not pleased her employer.

Darwin ✌️#myjob

A photo posted by Constance Siaflas (@constance.sydney) on

Gold Coast what's up!

A photo posted by Constance Siaflas (@constance.sydney) on

While Virgin Australia refused to comment on specific employees for privacy reasons, an executive at the airline said: “It’s not a good look. It is definitely frowned upon, especially following the amount of publicity she’s received for the wrong reasons.”

Take your jump seat X

A photo posted by Constance Siaflas (@constance.sydney) on

Just a day after hosting Cody on his flight, Siaflas was spotted cosying up to Simpson at Sydney nightclub Marquee.

According to a report on the Daily Telegraph, just a few days earlier, Simpson secretly caught up with American model ex girlfriend Gigi Hadid over a game of ten pin bowling.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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