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Sinead O'Connor Begs Her Kids To See Her

Troubled singer Sinead O'Connor is begging her family to visit her in hospital less than 48 hours after she blasted them on social media.

Fans feared for the Nothing Compares 2 U star after she wrote a post on Facebook on Sunday claiming she had overdosed in a hotel room in Ireland, but authorities found her "safe and sound" and she was treated at a nearby hospital.

In the post, she accused her family members of abandoning her, and she returned to social media on Monday to take aim at them once again, writing, "I never want to see or hear from any of you again. Why were you here when you're the ones who put me here????... Murderers. Liars. Hypocrites. All of you. You caused this."

In a new message posted on Tuesday, O'Connor pleaded with them to visit her in the facility while she is awake, rather than waiting until she is asleep.

She writes, "To my children and family. You came to the hospital to see me on life support. You left before I woke and you haven't been back. Please why are you doing these things to me?? I need you. I need your love. I can't manage what's being done to me. I didnt (sic) do anything g (sic) to deserve the way im (sic) being treated.

"Been missing you all for weeks. To hear that you were here and left was agony. Now I am utter,y (utterly) alone. Please. Please love me. Please come to the hospital and spend time with me and help fix all this. Please. I'm. begging you (sic). Don't leave me so frightened and alone. Don't treat me like I'm not loved and am worth nothing. Please.

"If you love me even a little please come and be with me and help me understand what's happening..."

O'Connor, who has four children, has been battling with her eldest son Jake and ex-boyfriend Donal Lunny over the custody of her minor kids.


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