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Sonia Kruger Has Left Richard Wilkins Stunned With This!

It’s a mid-morning show that is meant to be light-hearted…

But Today Extra this morning took a little bit of a turn, with Sonia Kruger leaving co-host Richard Wilkins visibly shocked.

The two had just finished watching a video of two babies sitting on a vibrating balance board when Sonia said 'I wouldn't mind being able to sit on a vibrator.'

Sonia’s accidental x-rated comment left her co-host speechless, raising his eyebrows by way of reply.

Richard's silence appeared to prompt Sonia into realising she had made an unfortunately crude gaffe.   

'Oh you know what I am saying - it was a vibrating treadmill!' She exclaimed, looking slightly flustered.

'That's the one, yes,' Richard managed to finally add as they segued from the awkward moment into a news bulletin.  

Today Extra airs weekdays at 9AM on Channel 9.

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