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Sophie Breaks Down On ACA Talking About Failed Relationship

Sophie Monk has had a tough go of it over the last few weeks.

When The Bachelorette filmed its finale, she thought she’d found her Prince Charming, the father of her kids - her happily ever after. Fast forward six months and it’s all over.

Speaking from the heart during an interview on A Current Affair, Leila Mckinnon found out what really happened between Sophie and Stu when the cameras stopped rolling.

‘So you really thought that you guys would get married and have kids?

Leila asked, 'Ohh at the end [of The Bachelorette] I was like this is it - yep, I’ve got everything,’ Sophie replied.

‘But fairytale endings usually don't include awkward interviews, twitter storms, screaming headlines, and dodgy public displays of affection…’

‘Every day I was getting burnt for not being affectionate, so there's paparazzi at the airport and I was like ‘kiss me’, I was like ‘I know this is weird, just kiss me - we've got to do it’ and it backfired again and I was like I can't win, I cannot win,’ Sophie explained.


‘But I definitely did that for the paparazzi, I could see them and I was like ‘I’ll give you anything.’

Stu and Sophie spent Christmas and New Years in Canada… and that seems to be where their relationship ended.

‘I think when you go on holiday with someone you really get to know someone and it was just yeah, it got to the point that, again all I can say is that we're just very different people.’

‘Did it end there?’ Leila asked. ‘It did, it ended in Canada.’

‘What’s it like going through this over the last few months?’ Leila asked. ‘oh you're going to make me emotional, give me a sec… oh shit i can't cry…’

‘Sorry,’ she apologised as she walked to the kitchen.

Don’t you be sorry Sophie, we LOVE YOU! And we back you always!

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