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Sophie Monk Just Fell For The Mother Of All Pranks On-Air

Sophie Monk has been pranked TWICE by the same joke in less than six months - and it's hilarious to watch.

The ex-Bardot singer has been filling in for Kyle and Jackie O during their summer break with co-host Matty Acton.

Sophie thought the duo were interviewing an actor from Home & Away on this morning's show and got right down into the nitty gritty of method acting, how long "Peter" had been on the show and who exactly he's dating.

Only problem was that Soph was straight-up talking to opposition leader Bill Shorten the entire time.

Her reaction - before she makes a run for the studio door - is absolutely priceless, not least because it's the second time she's fallen for a Bill Shorten-themed prank in the last few months. 

The first time was an actor brought in by show producers who pretended to be the politician, suggesting new legislation for orgies and polygamy.

While we really, really feel for her, this is hands-down the best thing we've seen all week. 

Check out the clip above!

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