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Sophie Monk Just Introduced The World To Jan

By now you've all heard that national treasure and god's gift to this great earth, Sophie Monk has chosen beau Stu Laundy as her "soulmate". 

If you haven't heard this, we question where you may have been since thursday night...

You may also have heard the millions of rumours that Sophie and her love are no longer, as people scrutinised their every move on their highly-publicised "coming out" trail.

Well, Sophie and Stu want you to know that they are very much together and enlisted the help of Jan Park, - a no-nonsense passerby who frankly thinks the rumours are just plain ridiculous.

Taking to her insta account, Sophie posted THIS absolute piece of gold: 

At least Jan has our back 😂. @stulaundy44 @anniecipressi #janpark

A post shared by Sophie Monk (@sophiemonk) on

Sophie,” says Jan, accurately. “I don't watch The Bachelor, but my friend told me that you’re Sophie Monk.”

I just read on my Facebook that it says that you and Stu are not together any more, and I’d like to verify that you are. I’ve seen the way you’re behaving.

Stu, who seems a little less than into the whole thing, says: “Is it inappropriate, is that what you’re saying?

No, I think it’s inappropriate what they’re saying,” Jan says back with such conviction we should all definitely believe her.

“Good on ya,” she says. “Go for it.


Jan Park for 'Strayan of the Year.

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