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Jarrod Reveals He May Resort To Poisoning Contestant's Food

You may know him as the guy who went on the first single date on Sophie Monk's series of the Bachelorette.

Or you may know him as the guy who has turned into the male version of the overly attached girlfriend who's gone full stage five clinger on poor Soph.


We're talking about Jarrod Woodgate, the 31-year-old vineyard manager who is one of the men competing for Sophie's heart...and who has become an incredible source for memes for this season. 


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And it seems that in last night's episode, he took his creepy nature to a whole new level... As four new blokes entered the mansion and the running for the final rose as intruders, Jarrod told his mates in the house that it was "food poisoning time".

Now of course, the mansion is a highly emotional place and things said in passing camera can easily be taken out of context or exaggerated...but with Jarrod already starry-eyed for Sophie, we legit don't know if he's joking!!

Woodgate, who is actually an ex-member of the Australian Defence Force, then took his anger at the intruders arrival to the next level during a challenge on the group date, which ended with medics being called to treat a contestant's bloody mouth.

After falling head over heels for Monk almost instantly Woodgate said, "You don't understand - if I fall for a girl, I'm a bull at the gate."

"There was definitely an instant chemistry and massive connection."

It's also recently been revealed that Jarrod's previous relationship ended because he became too clingy.

The Bachelorette continues tonight at 7.30pm on channel Ten.

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