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Tara Reid Posts Skeletal Photo; Deletes


Tara Reid is thin - we all know that. But just HOW thin has come as a rude shock to her Instagram followers when she posted a picture of her in underwear looking emaciated.

The 38-year-old Sharknado actress posted the pic from the waist down in a little pair of briefs looking alarmingly thin.

Copping worry and negativity from her followers, Reid deleted the pic.

This isn't the first we've heard of Reid's obsession with her weight - in 2004 she had a liposuction and a boob job - this operation went wrong. She said of the debacle - "I got lips because even though I was skinny, I wanted — I’m not going to lie — a six pack."

“I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing.”




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