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Taylor Swift Has Turned A Fashion Mistake Into Merch

Back in November 2014, Taylor Swift attended a basketball game in NYC while dressed in a uniquely styled red sweater. It seemed like she had made a great fashion choice until one Tumblr user pointed out that something wasn’t quite right. It appeared that she may have accidentally donned the sweater backwards!


It quickly became a funny and memorable moment within the T-Swift fandom.

Flash-Coward to current-day 2017 and Taylor has just dropped a whole new range of merchandise in support of her new album Reputation. Why is this relevant to an event that happened three years ago? Well… it looks like Swift has taken matters into her own hands and released a shirt that looks strikingly similar to the little fashion mishap she had!

There’s no confirmation if there is an actual link between the two, but it definitely seems like the kind of thing Taylor would do! 

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