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The Advice Sophie Monk's Dad Gave Her About Love

Australia loves their latest bachelorette Sophie Monk. 

Who Magazine have even named her the Sexiest Person of 2017. 

While being photographed for the cover shoot, Monk opened up about her latest dating experience and the advice from her dad that confirmed Stu was the right choice for her. 

"My dad said, 'You've got to go with humour,' and I agree," Sophie told the publication. 

"You've got to laugh. You're going to have stresses everywhere, but it's the best thing you can do."

We think that's a fair call!

Soph also opened up on what she thinks is sexy - and said it all radiates from the inside out. 

For me, what I've learnt I'm attracted to, and I think everyone is, it's confidence that makes you sexy, it's self-esteem, and just owning who you are," she said. 

"It's the most attractive thing you can do. I know it sounds lame, but I've met the most beautiful women in the world and have gone, "You're ugly," once they open their mouth."

She continued on to say she's sad she didn't come to that realisation until later in her adult life. 

'When I look back at Bardot pictures, I feel bad because I felt so unattractive … I look back and feel sad that I didn’t just own it and was proud, ­because youth is attractive,” The Daily Telegraph reported as being in the extended Who interview.

Well, good luck to them and let the accolades keep rolling for Australia's latest golden girl!

H/T: Who Magazine

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