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Bachelorette 2018: Ali Addresses Cheating Rumours & Takes St

The next episode of The Bachelorette looks set to be EXPLOSIVE! In the reality TV show’s most recent promo, it’s teased that Ali Oetjen will address those cheating rumours with the men fighting for her heart.

While speaking on the Kyle and Jackie O show just before the show premiered this week, Ali confirmed that the alleged cheating scandal would be addressed after some of the guys were caught gossiping.

“I think, as you said, it’s like the elephant in the room,” confirmed Ali. “I forgot how it happens, but it happens.”

Well Ali may have forgotten but we’re sure this teaser for the upcoming episode is one pretty harsh reminder for her!

Ali Oetjen Addresses cheating rumours on the bachelorette and takes stab at ex grant kemp

The promo released by Channel 10 overnight shows that Nathan, the party boy who appears to just be in the house for a good time with the boys, is the one gossiping about the rumours.

The man labelled as Mr Right, Charlie, decides to defend Ali’s honour and tell her that Nathan has been talking about the alleged cheating incident and telling people that they are true. Ali is clearly thrown by the news and decides to confront Nathan.

“Are you f*cking serious?”, exclaims Ali, after hearing the news. “Oh my god let me at him. Seriously…God, where the hell is Nathan.”

Our Bachelorette then finds Nathan and confronts him for saying “disgusting” things about her.

“I heard you were saying really disgusting things about me this afternoon,” says Ali. “And I want to know what you were saying…The rumours, yeah.”

The promo then throws to a confrontation between Charlie and Nathan, after Nathan clearly finds out that Charlie was the one who dobbed him in to Ali.

We then cut back to Ali as she appears to take a swipe at her ex who started the cheating rumours, Grant Kemp.

“I’m very aware that people want to know my side of the story because I’ve been so hurt in the past, because I’ve had people delivering lines to me. I’ve had people say, “Yeah, I want two kids” and then when I go visit them in LA they’re a party animal.”

Ali and Grant first met on Bachelor In Paradise and after falling in love Ali had moved to LA to be with him. Just a few days later, Grant had kicked Ali out after she allegedly cheated on him.

Grant first made the cheating allegations public  after speaking with Kyle and Jackie O earlier this year without sparing any of the graphic details.

“I walked down the front to find my friends, from my house, came back inside and he was going down on her on my stairs and I kicked her out of my house,” alleged Grant. “I left my house for five minutes and that’s what happened.”

Ali addressed the rumours on the Kyle and Jackie O show earlier this week. She didn’t deny them but she did say that she believed the issues in their relationship should have remained private.

“I think everyone has a past, and I’ve chosen not to address it or, I don’t want to give it any oxygen because it’s private and I thought it would stay in that relationship,” revealed Ali.

“But obviously he wants to ride this wave with me and he’s making the most of it so good on him.”

This explosive Bachelorette promo comes just a day after Grant came forward with alleged proof of the cheating scandal, releasing a bombshell text exchange allegedly between himself and Ali from earlier this year. You can read these messages here.

This looks like it’s going to be one heck of a Bachelorette episode! We’ll definitely be watching every single second of it.

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