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'The Block’ Contestants Furious Over Last Night's Winner

It’s only week two on The Block and already the fireworks have started.

Last night saw the couples judged on their guest bedrooms, some of which came with ensuites and ‘media rooms’ - it was crazy.

Elyse Knowles’ boyfriend Josh Barker was NOT chill last night when rivals Ronnie and Georgia took out guest bedroom week.

It was one of the closest room reveals ever, and it got the better of poor Josh, who saw the $10,000 prize slip away from grip.

The drama unfolded because Josh and Elyse added an ensuite and walk in wardrobe to their guest room - and Ronnie and Georgia SKIPPED putting a bathroom in altogether.

'The winner was not judged correctly in my opinion,' Josh said to camera after Ronnie and Georgia were declared the winners of the week.

The guest bedroom that three other contestants created was kind of like another retreat basically for a guest, as opposed to just a bedroom.'

Josh and Elyse, Jason and Sarah, as well as Wombat and Sticks, all decided to add ensuites to their guest bedrooms — which will no doubt pay off come auction day.

Controversially, Ronnie and Georgia were commended by the judges on how well they had styled their room, topping the leader board on 28 points.

Source: Daily Mail

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