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The Block Is At The Centre Of A Racism Storm Over Footage

The Block is currently Australia’s number one show on television and this week they are getting into their terraces.

However, on Sunday night, before the reveals of their kitchens, views had begun to complain that there was a little touch of racism.

Campaigner Nayuka Gorrie and her Mum spotted the split second footage of Kim and said ‘’appalled but not surprised that the footage of Kim mocking Aboriginal culture made it on ur ep act night, culture is no joke.’’

The point that Nayuka is referring to is the moment where Kim is tired and decides to paint her face, she says she is from the ‘tired tribe of apartment five’ but does not make any reference to any specific culture.

Nayuka goes onto say in her Facebook post ‘’"Kim is a deputy principal and at one point paints her face up and says "I'm from the tired tribe of apartment five." Kim works with young people. The show airs to a lot of people. I don't what is worse. Utterly atrocious. I watched the episode so I could understand why my Mum was upset."

Across social media, people jumped on to criticise the show, in reply to Nayuka’s tweet.

The Block is entering its final reveals and continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7:30PM.

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