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Travel Between Brisbane And Sydney In Just Under An Hour

(Image courtesy of Courier Mail)

Travelling from Brisbane to Sydney can be trying. Either you're in the car for 7+ hours or your dodging airport queues and waiting for flights.

Well, this could all change in the blink of an eye if a new 'Supersonic Transport System' gets the go-ahead this week.

The "Hyperloop" is set to be the "future of travel" and will cut travel time to less than one hour.

According to Nine News, "it was originally dreamt up by Tesla founder, Elon Musk and will come to Australia at a cost of $AUD 40 Billion".

Straight out of a futuristic film, passengers will ride in pods, in a vacuum tube at speeds of 1000km per hour.

The owners of the idea are making a pitch to investors in Brisbane on Thursday and are confident they will get the backing.

What do you think of this? Could it be too good to be true or is the future really here?

For more information, check out this clip from Nine News Brisbane.

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