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The Gilmore Girls Disappeared From Netflix For A Minute

There's no doubt that Gilmore Girls is one of those classic shows that has developed a cult-like following.

Sort of an obsession in a similar way to how Lorelei is obsessed with coffee...

And so you can understand why fans went completely berserk when they sat down to watch one of the hilarious episodes on Netflix, only to find that the series had been REMOVED!!

Apparently, the hit show was accidentally deleted during the planned removal of other shows like 'Friday Night Lights', '30 Rock' and 'One Tree Hill'.

Luckily, the glitch didn't last all too long, but it was long enough for die-hard fans to complain about it all over social media.

I think it's safe to say that you should not be messing with Gilmore Girls fans...likelihood is they're hyped up on caffeine and ready to fight with anyone willing to discuss which love interest Rory should end up with.

And just for your peace of mind, as of October 3rd Gilmore Girls was safely back in it's rightful place on the Netflix feed...ready for your weekend binge watching sesh.

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