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Huge IAC Fight Causes Kris Smith To Storm Out Of Camp

Another day in camp, another argument started by Tziporah Malkah - but this time, it was the usually gentle Kris Smith who couldn't take the former It Girl's wind-up.

It started with Tziporah literally stirring the pot, deciding that she needed to stick a wooden spoon in Ash's beans to stop them "sticking to the bottom".

After ensuring that everyone had rolled their eyes at her, James Packer's ex then sat down beside "St Kris", informing him that she was a target for a "hard time" because "people hate Jews."

"I know that everyone doesn't hate Jews," Tziporah later told the Bush Telegraph. "I say that for effect."

When Kris called her out on playing the victim, though, Tziporah lashed out at him and called him anti-Semitic.

"That's a whole new argument," Kris said later. "I bit my tongue. If I unleash on her now, I'm not going to stop."

But Tziporah didn't stop; she kept prodding, telling Kris he was a chauvinist who enjoyed "throwing [his] penis around", which sent the normally docile model over the edge.

"You don't say that to me and don't think it blows over in 20 minutes," Kris yelled, grabbing his pack and storming out of the camp. "It's rude and selfish.

"You know nothing about my life or my family or my friends, and then you call me a chauvinist, no way, no way.

"Honestly, I have zero desire to speak to you again after that. Trust me."

After a while spent cooling down in the Bush Telegraph, Kris eventually wandered back into camp, another notch on Tziporah's belt; by our calculations, the only people she HASN'T pissed off yet are Dane Smith and Naz.

Luckily we have a couple more weeks to make that happen.

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