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The Internet Is Going NUTS Over This FRIENDS Reunion Trailer

Over the weekend, you may have seen a video come to light, that got more than a few people ridiculously excited - even cry worthy.

It’s a trailer for what looks to be, the long-awaited-but-never-confirmed FRIENDS movie. Basically, I need to real with you - it’s a fake.

Though fake, it’s a pretty good fake - I have to admit.

Whoever made the clip has managed to thread together every character, seemingly using clips from other movies or TV shows, but somehow making almost every character interact with the other in some capacity.

It’s quite genius, really.

Though some interactions are questionable, threading the scenes together and passing it off as a movie where the friends are reuniting after years and years apart tends to work kind of well.

I even believed parts of it!

Be your own judge - but don’t forget - a real FRIENDS movie is unlikely to ever happen.*

*Unless this bad fake convinces them that it can actually work.

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