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The One Detail You Missed While Watching Oceans 8 Trailer

The trailer for the highly anticipated film Oceans 8 was released earlier this week and at first we were absolutely ecstatic.

After all it's a spin-off of one of George Clooney's classics, Oceans 11. And not to mention the cast is full of a major list of BOSS LADIES who we have no doubt are going to kill it in the world of pulling of heists and conning people.

But in all the hype it is possible that you may have missed this one, tiny detail while watching the trailer.

And we don't blame you because it wasn't until about our fifth viewing of said trailer that we were left SPEECHLESS with the major plot detail that we hadn't noticed the first time around.

Going into the trailer, we knew that Sandra Bullock was playing a character called Debbie Ocean, who is the sister of Danny Ocean (Clooney's character) from the original Ocean films.

In the shorts, we see Debbie released from prison and then moving on to organise a heist to take place at the met gala.

But in between all of this, we see Debbie make herself a martini and sit down in front of what looks like a very fancy grave.

It only lasts for a few seconds on screen but if we take a closer look at the grave that she is visiting, the name on the plaque reads, 'Danny Ocean'.



I'm sorry but when we left Oceans 13 Danny was fine and well and heading off into the world to undertake more of the family business...heists. So how is he now all of a sudden DEAD?!

Okay, well if we look even closer at the still from the trailer you can sort of make out that Danny died in 2018. So our guess is that there must be some sort of explanation at the start of this new film as to how Danny died.

Maybe one of his heists went badly? Maybe he was sick? Who knows, but hooley dooley, how sneaky of the producers to just throw that bombshell into the trailer.

Check it out for yourself in the video above. The moment in question occurs at 2.15. It only lasts for a few seconds but it's there, clear as day.

Danny Ocean is dead. And now we don't know how to feel...

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