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The Thing Nobody Expected To Happen During The Bachelorette

As we all sat down to watch The Bachelorette finale, all of us felt mostly okay with what we thought the result would be.

Stu would win… that much we were almost sure of.

And Jarrod would not. That we were kind of okay with to.

You see, we had desensitised ourselves by focusing on the forward actions of Jarrod throughout the series.

Somehow, the more you focused on the pot plant and the red face and his nickname adopted by numerous news outlets throughout the series; ‘stage five clinger,’ the easier it was to think about him being left heartbroken.


When he stepped off that boat first and went to Sophie first, all wide-eyed with an eager smile, I felt sick. I couldn’t watch. It was like a car crash in slow motion.

It got worse as it happened.

The poor guy just didn’t see it coming. What Sophie said to him was true,

‘You are everything I’ve been looking for in a man. In my head, you’re EVERYTHING.’

Buuuuut, BUUUUT Sophie?

‘But my heart belongs to someone else.’

Well, I could feel the knife in the guts just as harsh as Jarrod, and as he acted so beautifully to her, and walked away, I couldn’t help but feel for Soph.

You could see how much she wanted to run after him and hug him and tell him what he wanted to hear, but she just couldn’t.

And I felt for Jarrod. Oh how I felt for him.

And I just didn’t expect it.

Don’t worry Jarrod, you’ll find a lovely, wine-loving lady to sail into the sunset with, I just KNOW IT.

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