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Jon Bon Jovi Gave P!NK A Present That Made Her Husband Angry

The highly-anticipated P!NK Carpool Karaoke with James Corden aired over night and boy, it did not disappoint.

The segment was brill from start to finish - and included her mega hits What About Us, Raise Your Glass, Get The Party Started and Beautiful Trauma.

While usually it's the duet with Corden that makes for the best watching, it was P!NK's incredz stories that stole the show.

The singer revealed a hilarious anecdote about the time she was MADLY in love with Jon Bon Jovi and was absolutely convinced she'd marry him.

"How old were you when you realised that wouldn't happen?" James asked her.

"Probably seven or eight. I still remember I was in the car coming home from singing lessons, and they said on the radio that he married his High School sweetheart Dorothea and I almost threw up in my mouth," P!NK said. "I ripped his posters off the wall, threw them out and didn't come out of my room for days. I was devastated. It was the first time someone ever broke my heart."

Guys, this is serious. Jon Bon Jovi broke P!NK's heart! :(

"I told him the first time I met him," she continued. "We did a radio show in New Jersey and I was like 22 and I was like 'how are you guys? Are you happy you and Dorothea?'."

Then, Jon sent her a life size flower arrangement.

"It had a pair of leather pants safety pinned to it with a note that said: 'Now, you can finally get into my pants' and Carey threw them out the window."

LOL. This is actually the greatest!!

Other brill highlights from the sesh include:

P!NK's story about the time she toured with N*Sync and went on a "friendly" date with Joey Fatone (who definitely did not realise he was in the "friend zone").

- P!NK and James hanging upside down because she said she sings better that way... James getting stuck is HILARIOUS.


Such an epic watch!

The youtube version is not avail in Australia yet at the time of publication, so click here for the link!

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