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Real Reason Clay From ’13 Reasons Why’ Had The Head Scar

If you’ve been watching Netflix hit, ’13 Reasons Why’, you’re probably hooked, line and sinker - thousands of people are.

And if you binge watched every episode like most, there’s probably a few questions you have, that you really need answers to.

As the show features many flashbacks throughout, ‘The Notebook-style’, the producers behind the show had to make sure they got creative when it came to making sure viewers could distinguish between the past and present.

One method they used was all to do with colour; casting the flashbacks in bright, warm colours to signify Hannah was alive, and dark, cold colours in the present to indicate Hannah had died.

But they also employed a less subtle technique: Clay getting his face beat up nonstop in the present. It's a pretty foolproof effort. If Clay has a scar on his forehead, it's present-day Clay. If his forehead is as smooth as a baby's bottom, it's flashback Clay.

Make sense? Finally, some answers!

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