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The REAL Reason Sia Never Takes Off Her Wig

Sia is quite the mystery.

No-one really understands why, in a world of self promoters, she chooses to hide her face and keep her identity as hidden as possible.

She often performs with her back to the audience and turns up to every appearance with a wig over her face - and though she’s come up with funny explanations as to why she chooses to live this way (like, to be free to urinate in public) - no-one is actually sure of the real reason.

However, during an appearance on Ellen, Sia explained that she didn’t want people to take photographs of her while out and about.

'Well it's just so that I can go to Target and buy a hose if I want to,' she explained, adding: 'Or if I find I'm in need of a restroom, I can go in the side of the road, no one would be following me with a camera trying to get a shot.'

Ellen, who is a friend of the singer, urged her to remove her wig.

'You're beautiful,' she said. 'Are you going to do it?' the chat show veteran asked.

Coyly shrugging her shoulders, Sia replied: 'I'll do it, I'm just working up to it, you know.'

Source: Daily Mail

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