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The Rock's Family Is Growing And The Announcement's Adorable

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one of the few men who can be as scary as he is sensitive. 

We've been obsessed with photos of him with his daughter Jasmine Lia for the past couple of years. 

And it looks like that will continue going forward because it seems his wife Lauren is pregnant with a baby girl! 

The announcement is everything. 

They will have him wrapped around their little pinkies in no time. 

These two obviously have amazing genes because their daughter is absolutely stunning. 

We're so excited for the pair!

Can't wait to meet the newest member of their little family. 

#MOANA was absolutely magical - the animation was so real at times it looked tangible, the storyline was so incredibly touching and the MUSIC was unforgettable! They captured and embraced the spirit of the Polynesian culture, islands, music, and people and truly honored their beauty in this film. It's a culture that is so close to my own heart and a big part of my life. We will be so proud when Jasmine watches this one day! Went through an entire pack of tissues 😂 ❤️ The actors, filmmakers and everyone who worked on this movie poured their hearts into it and it shows 💙 Congrats!! @therock @auliicravalho #LinManuelMiranda @disneysmoana 💙 And thank you to the dream team "village" who helped me prepare & @mercglow for hiding the circles under my eyes and helping me look awake and non sleep deprived 😂😍👶🏽💤💜

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