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The Rock's Special Message For Emergency First Responders

The Rock has posted a very special message to the emergency first responders and hospital workers who attended to his daughter on the weekend. 

Alongside the video post he wrote "Things got a lil’ hairy this weekend. Thank you LAFD first responders & UCLA medical team.
We’re grateful to you all and if you ever need anything, I got your back."

While he did not detail what scary situation happened to his daughter, she is apparently now okay. 

"This past Saturday night, something happened to me and my family that I would never want to happen to any of you, but, of course, emergencies do happen," he said. 

"We were up all night with something scary that happened with our little baby girl Jasmine, who is okay now.

"To all you mommies and daddies out there, when emergencies like this happen, I would just highly recommend that you stay as calm and as focused as possible because our little babies energetically, they pick up on what we're putting out—especially in times of stress."

The Rock is the father to two daughters, Jasmine, 2, who required the medical help and 16 year old Simone Johnson from a previous marriage. 

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