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The Shocking ARREST That Rocks The Block This Week

While this season of The Block has already seen a whole bunch of drama surrounding golden bath tubs, roof top swimming pools and games of Monopoly, the Gatwick Hotel is expected to be thrown into absolute chaos this week after a run in with police.

According to TV Week, shockwaves are sent through the St Kilda building site when a police car pulls up to escort two labourers away in handcuffs.

It’s believed that the workers were arrested for allegedly stealing and running up charges on Jess and Norm’s credit, which went missing in week three.

“Two labourers on The Block site were arrested for stealing Norm and Jess’ credit card,” said a Channel Nine spokesperson in a statement to New Idea on Monday.

“One culprit was convicted of theft and credit card fraud and subsequently deported while the other tradesman was released.”

According to Woman’s Day, the two labourers spent close to $1,000 on the stolen card and were caught purchasing “charcoal chicken, petrol and fish hooks” on CCTV.

Jess told Woman’s day that they had been absolutely shocked by the incident.

“We knew those guys and had invited them into our apartment, fed them, sang them happy birthday and gave them beers,” said the 33-year-old radio presenter.

“When we found out it was them, no-one on the entire work site could believe it. They were the last people we’d have thought swiped our credit card.”

She claimed that her and Norm had developed a personal relationship with the labourers, who were from overseas, and that they had hoped the whole thing had been a misunderstanding.

“We were hoping the credit card had been thrown in the bin by mistake and someone from outside the show had taken it,” she said to New Idea.

Jess also said that the arrest sparked paranoia amongst the rest of the cast with people wondering if other items had been stolen.

“It had everyone second-guessing themselves,” said Jess. “Whenever something went missing it had people wondering if it’d been stolen.”

Channel Nine said that Suncorp had refunded the stolen money.

“Suncorp refunded all of Norm and Jess’ missing money. [The Labourers] weren’t employed directly by Norm and Jess, they were working on the site.”

The shocking episode is expected to air this week after a teaser trailer aired on Sunday, showing a man in a hi-vis jacket being escorted into a marked police car.

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