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There Is Some Devastating News For Magda Szubanski

Magda Szubanski’s 92-year-old mother’s health is ‘fading’, but her daughter has taken to Instagram to share a special message with her fans.

"Mum and I spend a lot of time like this these days. Just sitting quietly holding hands," she wrote alongside the candid video.

"She's fading so fast. Good days and bad days. She's often not sure if I'm her mother or her sister or her daughter. I go in nearly every day and sit with her or take her for drives if she's able. And every day I see all the other daughters doing the same thing. A secret army of #carers#motherdaughterlove As Bette Davis said, 'Old age ain't no place for sissies.'"

The Australian actress, 55, said that she is struggling at this time but ''I'm not her full-time carer, but I do as much as I can. And always fear it's not enough."

Just last month, Szubanski shared a sweet video of her mother alongside her granddaughter.

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