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The Awkward Moments Between Karl & Lisa On Her Final Day

If you were watching the Today show yesterday, there’s absolutely no way you could have known what was to come that night, that our beloved Lisa was going to leave, headed for Channel 10, after contract negotiations fell through.

The rumour is Lisa wanted to be paid the same as Karl, but Nine just couldn’t step up to the plate. However… looking back on the show yesterday, cracks were certainly beginning to form.

There were several instances where things felt tense between the co-stars, and like they knew something their unsuspecting viewers did not.

Looking at video playback of the show, the moments of concern are obvious, especially as Karl mentions ‘The Block’ and how it ‘continues tonight here on Nine, and we’re so glad it is…' before Lisa cuts in with a ‘don’t be silly’, through a forced smile.


Source: Daily Mail

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