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Calling Anyone Named 'Will Smith', Your Time Has Come

This is not a drill, Australia.

Will Smith needs YOU...if you're name is Will Smith.

Netflix posted a video to their Facebook page starring the one and only Fresh Prince himself.

Basically he says this:

"Alright, so I did this Netflix movie called Bright. They got me on a big, global world tour, promoting in Australia, Canada, Japan, Ohio and just all over," he says. "But it's too much stuff, it's interviews, it's long days, so I came up with an idea, what I need is everybody out there named Will Smith, I need you to look down and respond to Netflix below (He's obviously meaning on their FB page) coz I can't do it all myself, I need y'all to to help me out. All WILL SMITH'S PLEASE STAND UP!"

This is clearly a promotion for his new flick but eh, who cares. It's freakin' brilliant!

It’s like if Bad Boys was set in middle earth...

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So you heard the man, will all the WILL SMITH'S, please stand up!

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