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Jackie Gilles From RHOM Has Released A Song

Guys, to be honest - we REALLY REALLY needed this this morning. It's the end of the year, everyone is weary and the stress of the last few days is getting us down. 

We asked for reprieve and the universe listened and in steps JACKIE GILLIES.

Mama knows what we need and she's delivered - in the form of a very fabulous and camp dancey-track called 'Shine It Up'.

You may think we're poking fun. We're not. Because actually, it's not awful. 

Jackie, wife of Ben Gillies from Aussie band Silverchair, has described the song as “the inspirational theme” for her upcoming ‘Shine It Up’ tour.

She'll be touring 14 cities around the country, delivering this: “Tony Robbins meets Ellen, meets John Edwards, meets Oprah” and frankly, we are all for it.

Everyone needs some shine in their life and we love that she wants to give it.

You do you, gal! <3


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