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THIS Is What Taylor Was Doing While Everyone Was At The VMAs

When Taylor Swift was a noticeable no-show at the VMA Awards, everyone concluded it was due to the Kanye drama - and the fact that she’d been snubbed for a coveted moon man at the event.

However, it turn out that - even though Kanye could have had something to do with it - she actually had another event to attend.

Jury duty.

Taylor surprised everyone by flying into Nashville to take on the role of juror - and needless to say, her fellow jurors freaked out.

Tay was a good sport, and posed for numerous selfies and signed autographs after chatting with the other citizens, according to a report on Hollywood Life.

Thankfully, one juror documented the whole thing on Twitter. “So I just got picked immediately after Taylor Swift.

Same jury panel,” @TracysActivism tweeted. “Jury Duty with Taylor,” she added, sharing a pic and video (above) of Tay Tay looking cute in a black top with her juror’s nametag pinned to it. “How cool is this?”

Tay also signed an autograph for Tracy, writing that it was nice to meet her. It’s probably a good thing.

As when ex beau Calvin won an award for smash ‘This Is What You Came For’, he only mentioned Rihanna, despite the fact it was revealed that Tay wrote the song!


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