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Today Viewers FURIOUS At How Hosts Treated A Guest

This morning on the Today Show, Karl and Lisa spoke to a man named David Icke who was described as a ‘former journalist who has spent years preaching theories to fans.’

The Today Show uploaded a clip of the panel speaking to Icke about the “controversial conspiracies” where it shows Lisa becoming seemingly frustrated with the guest, when he struggles to answer her question.

Some viewers who commented on the post, seem to think Icke was pushed into a corner, and wrote how upset they were with the way he was treated on television.

“I was very frustrated watching this - you guys were very rude! Don't invite someone on your show to make fun of them! Have some respect for others freedom of speech, You do not represent your viewers! I don't believe him but would have been nice to listen to without all your rude interruptions!” one wrote.

“I don't believe them but think he should've been respected as a guest on your show. No wonder more and more people are changing channels,” another wrote.

However, others stuck up for the show’s hosts, with one man writing, “The moment that he tried to justify his stupidity with the attacks on the World Trade Centre, an event that many millions witnessed with their own eyes, he lost any right to respect or courtesy. He was the one who insulted OUR intelligence.”

What do you think?

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