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Tom Hiddleston Breaks His Silence Over Romance With Taylor

Tom Hiddleston has FINALLY broken his silence over his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Despite being pictured together every single day for the last week, neither of them have spoken about how close they really are.

Until now.

Tom called in to Belgium's QMusic radio show earlier today and spilled the beans on what it's like to date the world's biggest popstar.

He joked ''"I would describe it as a roller coaster ride of action and spectacle and lots of laughs,''

Carrying on he said Taylor had a ''wicked'' sense of humour before saying ''She is an absolute delight, she's actually, um...She's got such a wicked sense of humor and she's a really fun person to have around. She's really great.''

There is just one problem with the interview.. it's fake.

The Belgian station spliced together old interviews to make it sound like they were really chatting to the hunk.

Talking to UK newspaper The Mirror, the radio station said ''It was a spliced together recording of old interviews. Maarten and Dorothee called Tom 2 years ago and used the footage as a joke a few days ago.''

I guess we will just have to continue waiting for a comment..

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