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Watch The First Scene Of Riverdale To Find Out Fred's Fate

The day is here!

Riverdale season 2 comes out today and honestly, it has been a long wait. 

One thing the show does well is keeping us on our toes - tiny teasers, cliffhangers, secrets amongst the cast...

Since the season 1 finale we have been wondering - does Fred die in Pop's Chocklit Shoppe? 

In the final moments we see a masked intruder shoot him right in front of Archie but his fate has ultimately been left open-ended. 

We also know Archie's character becomes a lot darker this season (alongside half of the cast - seriously, this season is going to be epic). 

But is it because he wants revenge for his father's death? Or justice from someone's attempt to kill him. 

Turns out, at least in the opening scene, Fred is still alive - although he is fighting for life. 

Archie battles the elements in the snow and ice, driving his father erratically to the hospital and dragging his bloodied body inside calling for help. 

A pretty big feat considering he doesn't have his licence. 

So we know they have reached medical help, hopefully it's not too late. 

We'll find out more tonight when the full episode is released. 

WHY MUST THEY MAKE US WAIT!!!!!!?????!!!!!

h/t: E News

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